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Informational Hotlist -- updated quarterlyRevised on June 30, 2002
( for software process improvement, software quality assurance,... )

Tantara offers easy access to the following information
as effective ways and tools to improving a software organization's
process effectiveness and product/service potential.

Online articles for software process improvement, SQA, ISO 9000-3, SEI CMM, ISO 15504 (SPICE),...Articles (online: comparisons, frameworks,...) 
Bulletin board for software business improvement, SQA, ISO 9000-3, SEI CMM, ISO 15504 (SPICE),...Bulletin Board (events, news, statistics,...)
Job Aids (free) for software process improvement, SQA, ISO 9000-3, SEI CMM, ISO 15504 (SPICE),...Job Aids (free toolkit--samples, tips,...)
Specialty store for software process improvement, SQA, ISO 9000-3, SEI CMM, ISO 15504 (SPICE),...Specialty Store (books, training,...)


( When reading information, take note of the standard/model's edition )
Software Process Improvement,...:
Bootstrap InstituteBootstrap
Enterprise Software Institute (information services, consulting, training,...)ESI (Europe)
ISO 9001 links (hotlist: ISO 9001 for software industry -- includes information on ISO 9000-3, TickIT,...)ISO 9001 links
ISO 12207 linksISO 12207 linksNew !
ISO 15504 (SPICE) linksISO 15504 links
Microsoft's Software Framework (Models)Microsoft models
NASA Software Engineering LaboratoryNASA-SEL
Software Engineering Information Repository (by SEI)SEIR
Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model for SoftwareSEI SW-CMM
Software Process Improvement and Capability dEterminationSPICE 
Software Process Improvement Region for EuropeSPIRE 
TickIT -- An ISO 9001 interpretation scheme for the software development industryTickIT 
Other links related to software process improvementOther links
Focus Groups:
Software Testing InstituteQuality Management
Software QualitySoftware QualityNew !
Software Testing InstituteSoftware TestingNew !
Software Process ImprovementS/W Proc ImprovNew !
Other listuser, newsgroups and email discussion/user groupsOther GroupsRevised !
Software Quality
Assurance, V & V,...:
Hotlist regarding audits/assessments -- including various appraisal methodsAppraisal links
ASQ's Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) certificationASQ/CSQE
Center for software testingCenter: testing
ESSI scopeESSI scope
Links for Quality Assurance, Testing,...Quality/test links
Software Reliability linksReliability links
Software Assurance Technology Center (SATC)SATC
Software Configuration Management linksSCM links
Software Metric LinksSoftware metrics
Software Testing and Resource CenterSQAtester
SR's HotlistSR's quality links
STORM - Software Testing Online ResourcesSTORM
Other Software Quality Assurance linksOther links 
For fun / inspiration:
Cartoons regarding software/computer industryComputer comic 
Dilbert siteDilbert
Farcus cartoonsFarcus
Free themesFree themes
123 Greeting Cards -- Send a greeting card via internet (free) !Greeting cards
Search engine for humorHumor search
Read your horoscopeHoroscope
Jukebox -- MIDI MusicMidi (jukebox)
Quotes and proverbs regarding business, quality, software process improvement,...QuotesNew !
Quotes -- organized by Jim ClemmerOther quotes
Other links for fun and inspirationOther links 
Glossary of terms:
Acronyms and abbreviationsAcronyms...
Glossary for Software Engineering termsSEing terms
Glossary for Technical Management termsTech Mng terms
Go to Webster's Dictionary and ThesaurusWebster
Search for specific
Many other search enginesSearch engines
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Software Process Improvement Network for BangaloreBangalore SPIN
Software Process Improvement Network for Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaOttawa SPIN
Software Process Improvement Network for Washington, DC, United StatesWashington SPIN
Other Software Process Improvement NetworksOther SPINs
Brad Appleton's software engineering linksAppleton's links
Software Productivity Research (Capers Jones)Capers Jones
Microsoft's Information Technology ShowcaseMicrosoft IT
Requirements hotlistRequirements links
R.S. Pressman's home pageR.S. Pressman
IEEE's software engineering 'body of knowledge'SEing BOK
software-engineering.org <-- a site of free sharing information from multiple sourcesSEing.org
Software Engineering Process OfficeSEPO
Tom Gilb's web site -- see his articles (they are good)Tom Gilb 
Online newsletters
and journals: 
Online Newsletter: CrossTalk !CrossTalk
Online Newsletter - The Process Group PostProcess Group
Methods & Tools for Software EngineeringMethods & ToolsNew !
SEI's Interactive (online) newsletterSEI Interactive
Software Quality ImprovementSoftware QualityNew !
TickIT International NewsletterTickIT International
Old newsletters
worth viewing:
ISCN NewsletterISCN (1995-99)
Software In FocusS/W Focus (1998-00)

Magazines,... : 
List of free publicationsFree publications
Quality Digest magazineQuality Digest
ASQ's Quality Management JournalQuality  Manage..
ASQ's Quality Progress magazineQuality Progress
ASQ's Software Quality Professional JournalS/W Quality Prof..
Training magazineTraining 
Association for Computing MachineryACM
American Management Association InternationalAMA
American Productivity and Quality CenterAPQC
American Society for QualityASQ
ASQ's Software DivisionASQ S/W Division
American Society of Electroneurodiagnostic TechnologistsASET
American Society for Training and DevelopmentASTD
Computer Information Processing SocietyCIPS
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -- Canada RegionIEEE Canada
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -- Computer OrganizationIEEE Computer
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -- TCSE OrganizationIEEE TCSENew !
International Function Point User GroupIFPUB
International Council on Systems EngineeringINCOSE 
Project Management InstitutePMI 
Society for Software Quality (SSQ)SSQ 

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While You Work
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Process Improvement:
Microsoft's Development Models (Framework)Microsoft (DOC)New !
SEI's Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for Software -- Version 1.1SEI SW-CMM V1.1
SEI's CMMI modelsSEI CMMI Models
SEI's CMM-Based Appraisal for Internal Process Improvement #SEI-96-TR-007SEI's CBA-IPI
SEI's Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) Guide #SEI-90-TR-024SEI's SEPG Guide
ISO 15504 (SPICE) Model -- Technical Reports (type 2)SPICE TRep (DOC)
Bell Canada's Trillium Model -- Version 3.0Trillium V3.0
Profiles:  (PDF files)
ISO 9000 world profile (PDF file)ISO 9000 profile
SEI SW-CMM profile -- most current (PDF file)SEI SW-CMM profile
TickIT profile (PDF file)TickIT profile
Maturity of the world regarding ISO 9001, SEI SW-CMM, etc.World's maturity
Process Improvement:
Cross-reference of many standards/models with ISO 15504 (SPICE) !with ISO 15504 (pdf) 
Salaries:Revised !
Salaries of software testersTester
Salaries of software developers, data masters,...Other roles
Various lists:
IEEE StandardsIEEE SE-standards
ISO standards regarding softwareISO re: software
ISO 9000 series -- the ISO standards regarding quality management and quality assuranceISO 9000 series
SEI's Technical ReportsSEI tech reports
classification codes: 
Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codesSIC
Governing agents for
standards / models:
American National Standards InstituteANSI (Stds-USA)
British Standards InstituteBSI (Stds-U.K.) 
BSI-CEEM (a distributor of BSI Standards)CEEM (BSI Stds)New !
Canadian Standards AssociationCSA (Stds-Canada) 
European Foundation for Quality ManagementEFQM (TQM-Euro)
International Electrotechnical CommissionIEC
Institute of Electrical and Electronics EngineersIEEE
IEEE Software Engineering Standards CommitteeIEEE SESC (stds)
Institute of Quality AssuranceIQA (auditing,...)
International Organization for StandardizationISO
ISO's committee for Software EngineeringISO JTC1/SC7 (SEing)
ISO's technical committee overseeing sub-committees work regarding Quality Management/AssuranceISO TC176 (QM)
ISO's sub-committee for Quality ManagementISO TC176-SC2 (QM)
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyNIST (TQM-USA)
National Quality Institute (Canada)NQI (TQM-Canada)
Quality Assurance InstituteQAI (assessing,..)
Registration Accreditation Board (RAB) of United StatesRAB (ISO-USA)
Standards Council of CanadaSCC (ISO-Canada)
Software Engineeing InstituteSEI
Total quality
Philip Crosby's siteCrosby
Deming's siteDeming
Juran's siteJuran
Other total quality expertsOther experts
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Both technical and fun/inspirational information are provided.
This is in support of Tantara's business theme:
"enable / implement positive change, with a fun factor."

If you found this hotlist helpful,
imagine what Tantara can do "in person" (consulting / training / facilitation)
-- especially regarding software process improvement
and software quality assurance / management.

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